Website Consulting & Help

My name is Ken France and I am an independent website consultant helping small to medium-sized businesses. Fix, improve and gain valuable insights into your website by inviting me to join your team. Put my expertise to work.

Website Expertise.

It’s at the very heart of business strategy and tactics. Without it, you’re probably making mistakes and making guesses about your website.

Wherever you are at with your website, I can bring 22 years of professional website experience into play.
That will be a game changer.

You can use me as a valuable extension to your team, filling in the expertise gaps where needed so that your website performs as it should, all the time. Together, we can educate your team. We can help you set realistic goals. We can oversee the re-design and re-build your website, done to  very high industry standards so that it works much better and is easily found on the search engines.

If your website is more than 5 years old then it will likely need attention in some areas. Maybe not, but at least you should be aware of any room for improvement. A detailed analysis will either reassure you or confirm your suspicions that something needs to be done. I am here to help you with your decisions, using unbiased and impartial facts.

Contact me to arrange a preliminary 30 minute website health check, where we look at website design, content and SEO. You can also call (03) 465 8188 or (027) 465 8188 at any time as well. I look forward to hearing from you!

More people will see your website than your office.